Colorado 2nd State to call out the DEA on Psychedelics

As we’ve mentioned a few times on this website, the DEA seems unable to read anything published in a research paper. As the federal branch supposedly dedicated to drug enforcement – that’s what the first two letters stand for after all – you’d think they would be on the forefront eh? You would be very wrong, and now Colorado has become the 2nd state to call them out on it.

We’ve already got 22, that’s twenty-two, states with some form of Marijuana legalization on the books. Oregon passed their own measure 109 back in 2020 legalizing some forms of psychedelic administration. And now Colorado has joined their ranks by passing prop 122, also setting the stage for legal psychedelic administration in that state.

So that’s well over half the country by population or land measures that are telling the DEA that their policies are wrong. Scheduling these medicines alongside truly dangerous things like Heroin or Fentanyl is an impossible position to defend in 2022. This is only going to keep getting worse for them.

Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

DEA scheduling definitions

Read that carefully, that’s the DEA’s own definition for schedule I. Now, think about the countless studies showing that these medicines both have clearly established medical usage, and little or no possibility for abuse. Think about the millions of patients currently being helped by these medicines. This federal agency is so far behind the times, it is a national embarrassment.

The Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelic Drugs: Past, Present, and Future

The abuse potential of medical psilocybin according to the 8 factors of the Controlled Substances Act

How can our federal government defend spending any tax dollars on enforcing schedule I when all of these states are saying “No, that’s wrong, there is medical value here”. These are helping people everyday and it’s time for the DEA to learn to read and recognize this fact.

We understand the wheels of government move slow. With the DEA being slow seems to be a requirement for employment. Still, what is going on? How can half the country realize this is wrong and our federal government not even bat an eye?

We even have publications from the DEA itself stating in no uncertain terms that these medicines have medical value. Seriously, this is on the DEA website right now, the same website that defines the scheduling system! What is going on over there…

So DEA, if you are listening, let’s move into the modern age and recognize the decades of research behind these medicines. Not doing so is making your organization irrelevant to the country. At some point all states will have legalization on the books, are you going to cling to schedule I even then? What is the point of this madness? There is more than enough fentanyl activity out there to keep all your agents employed and more, this won’t hurt your budget.

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This movement isn’t happening by chance. MAPS is the organization leading the charge on both policy and research fronts. It is because of their good work that the DEA is looking so silly these days. If you want to help keep this movement going please consider donating.






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