Is There Life After Death?

Yes, of course there is life after death.

Things die all around us all the time, and as they say, “Life Goes On”. But you may be thinking to yourself, “But what about ME!? What happens to ME!?” The same thing that has been happening to you your whole life. Every cell and atom in your body is being constantly recycled. Science tells us that 98% of the atoms in the human body are renewed each year. So now that you know that only 2% of you is the same from a year ago, how does that make you feel? Do you feel like a new person? Probably not. But you could be. What’s holding you back? Your ego, and your consciousness, falsely telling you that you are you, and everything around you is something else.

We shouldn’t fear death any more than we fear eating, urinating, or defecating. These are all only changes in the universe which cause our bodies to become different than what they were before. It’s inevitable, and logically, if we can understand this, and believe this, as we understand things like gravity and magnets, perhaps we would fear death less.

How Does This Help Me With Grief, Or Fearing Death?

It’s easy to rationalize through grief with this knowledge, right? You know that you, and all your loved ones, are inseparable parts of the universe, that nothing ever leaves the universe, and everything we ever were, or will be, will always be a part of the universe. Scientifically speaking, we even know that the entire universe, from the beginning of time until the end, exists all at once, and all those moments with your loved ones will exist in our timeless universe forever and ever.

So why does grief still hurt? Why, when you lose a loved one, is the grief still as powerful as if you didn’t know any of these things?

For one thing, there is millions of years of evolution telling you that death is scary, horrifying, disgusting, and to be avoided at all costs. Every cell in your body has been trained to fear death, and do everything it can to stay alive. Biology is a powerful force, and will be difficult to think your way through.

For another thing, we are selfish beings. We always want more. We can spend decades with a loved one, and still want another day with them once they’re gone. Even if they are hurting, in pain, and aren’t themselves anymore, we still cling to the person they were to us. This, again, is natural, and will be difficult to think yourself out of. Try to express gratitude for the time you’ve had, and remember the knowledge that everything they ever were is still all around you, and will never leave the universe.

What Does This Have To Do With Psychedelic Use?

As has been reported numerous times over the years, psychedelics help patients come to terms with dying. We believe this is because psychedelics give people not just the belief, but the experience that they are an inseparable part of the changing universe. It’s this experience, not taught knowledge, that gives us assurance we will continue on in some way or another. It makes it easier to see past the biological instincts and cultural responses to death, and accept it for an inevitable part of our existence.

Are psychedelics the only way to get this knowledge? Probably not, but most terminally ill patients don’t have the time required to practice meditation on monistic theory for long enough to understand these concepts without them. It’s a shortcut, but sometimes, life is short.

Everyone is different, and there’s no guarantee that LSD or other psychedelics will bring you the peace you’re looking for. Often, people who report having a “bad trip” will experience the opposite – that they believe they are dying, and are terrified. If your goal in trying psychedelics is to come to terms with grief or dying, we highly suggest you seek out an experienced therapist or trip sitter who can help guide you toward this goal.





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