Puggy: Lonely Town


“Dear old darkness I’ve come home again
Underneath the stars
Right to where it started

Let me drift away to Lonely Town
Cause for a moment there
For a moment there was you…

Twenty angels on the path of dream
Trust no miracles, just extraordinary luck
With those when you’re on your own
Look what can we do ? What can we do to feel alive?

Trust your heart like a believer
Though you’ve never seen a light…

Find your way to another’s heart
To make it through the night
In this lonely town…

Cause there’s no other way out
On this lonely town…”

Music is one of the most important aspects of our experiences, it helps to set the mood and intention, carry you through the most difficult shedding phases, give you experiences that are simply not possible in the waking world and finally bring you back from the dream when the time comes.

Aunty found this song for us and played it as a surprise on our last journey. We remember the song taking us completely by surprise, the happy tones of the music give way to sadness in the lyrics. This song is often reviewed as a breakup song by others who have heard it. Why would Aunty play this song for us, what is the real meaning here?

If you listen to the song you can also hear that while it has a sad undertone, it is a hopeful song, ultimately about finding true love. Let’s look at the song a different way though, as we’ll often do on this site lets look at this song from a psychedelic point of view.

The psychedelic experience is one of deep loneliness. This feeling of interconnectedness and oneness with everything has a dark side to it. If we are all the same consciousness playing at being individuals, like waves on the surface of the ocean — then aren’t we also alone beneath that surface. Confronting, dealing with and avoiding that truth is often the driving force of entire lives. Finding something, anything to hide this loneliness can be all that matters.

Through this lens the song takes on a different meaning, now it begins with that deep universal loneliness and the song becomes about how to escape this. This is still a love song, but now it’s also a song about the separation of consciousness and using this to help you find happiness, or a way out of the loneliness. And this is the only way out, religions throughout time have tried to teach us this, everyone knows it is true, it’s the basis for all love songs ever written.

The only way for any of us to escape the ever present loneliness is to lose ourselves in the separation of consciousness. Discovering all those little differences between us, like whether or not we like olives, is where and how we build loving relationships between each other. In order to fall in love we have to forget that we were separate to begin with.

Did Puggy think about any of this while writing their song? Probably not, who knows, maybe someday we will meet them and ask. The point of this post, and this blog generally, is that it doesn’t matter. This song is beautiful to listen to in any state of consciousness. Hopefully thinking about the lyrics from the psychedelic point of view can give you a new appreciation.





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