Taking Care of Your Body: Part 1 – The Day Before, and The Day Of Your Acid Trip

Your body is a huge part of your setting, as much as the indoor/outdoor space you’ve found, or the playlist you’ve selected. It’s important to take good care of your body in advance of your trip, so you can have the best possible experience.

The Day Before

We recommend going vegetarian or vegan at least 24 hours before taking LSD, for the best possible experience. Even if you are usually an omnivore, this is for the sake of your digestion and comfort during your trip.

When you’re under the influence, your gut bacteria may not work as it normally does. You may feel bloated, gassy, or nauseated. If you have an excess of stool in your colon, this may compound the issue, and lead you to feel even more uncomfortable. So for the day prior to your trip, try to eat healthy – more fruits, vegetables, and complex carbs that will help stabilize your blood sugar and keep your digestion running smoothly.

Try to take a walk outside. This will help improve your mood, help you feel more connected to nature and the world around you, and you can return to this positive mindset more easily during your trip.

Try to avoid alcohol, and stay hydrated. This will also aid your quest to get sleep, since alcohol usually disturbs normal sleeping patterns.

Aim to get at least 8 or more hours of sleep the night before your trip. It’s best to go into a trip well-rested, and it’s unlikely you’ll sleep well after your trip. This may mean going to bed earlier the day before, and perhaps even taking a sleeping pill if needed. Benedryl/Diphenhydramine is usually safe to take on occasion, and won’t have long-lasting effects that might interfere with your trip the next day.

The Day Of Your Trip

Depending on when you take your dose, this advice may not necessarily apply. We generally dose in the early afternoon, approximately 3 hours after eating lunch, so we’ve had some time to digest our food, and we’re feeling at our peak for getting the day truly started. Feel free to adjust the schedule to meet your needs.

For breakfast, we typically drink coffee, so we do this the morning of our trip as well. This is to prevent a headache from lack of caffeine that we would normally have. If you don’t typically drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks in the morning, I would recommend skipping caffeine on this day.

Eat a good breakfast, something with protein and complex carbs that will keep your blood sugar up for a while. Again, something vegetarian or vegan will be best for your digestive system. We usually drink a cup of kefir after breakfast to aid in digestion.

Take another walk this morning or early afternoon. It’s important to get outside and connect with the world, especially before your trip. Try to avoid too much screen time, avoid the news and conflicts of the world, and if you have the option to do so, turn off your phone notifications so you’re not tempted.

If you are planning to trip in the early afternoon as we do, we recommend making a very light lunch, something with a few fruits or vegetables, and simple carbs such as white rice or toast. If you fill up on something with complex carbs, a lot of fiber, or something dense and heavy right before a trip, you might run into digestion issues later. If you’re planning on tripping at night, follow this advice for your dinner, and keep it light and very easily digestible.

Stay hydrated throughout the day. This means mostly water, but some juice and kefir is fine too.

Avoid taking drugs like Adderall, even if you have ADHD, because this will influence your trip (usually in a bad way). Erowid also has a list of drugs that have possible interactions with LSD, so be careful to avoid dangerous combinations. If you have a medical condition that requires you to take such drugs daily, it’s recommended that you not take LSD.

You’ll want to be clean and showered before you take your dose, and try to find some comfortable clothing. Assuming you’ll be indoors, you can wear fluffy socks, soft fabrics, nothing too tight, and if you normally wear a bra, you can either go without, or wear a comfortable sports bra or lounge bra. If you plan on being outside, take care to also be as comfortable as possible, dress in layers in case you become hot or cold, and do wear a hat and sunglasses in the daytime to protect your eyes.

The last step before you dose is to brush and floss your teeth. Then, you can move on to Part 2!





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