Taking Care of Your Body: Part 3 – After Your Trip

After following Part 1 and Part 2, you’re now probably sitting on a comfy couch or in your bed, watching TV, waiting for signs of restfulness so you can finally sleep. You still need to take care of your body to help put you on your way to an easy night, and a better day tomorrow.

You may want to take a nice, long shower or bath. The effects can cause many people to sweat, or experience acne breakouts on their face or body, and a nice warm cleansing may help you feel more relaxed and restful.

Change into clean clothing, perhaps some warm, fuzzy pajamas. You’re physically exhausted, and may feel colder than normal.

Try to eat a little more before bed. Perhaps some fruit, jello, soup, mashed potatoes, or another warm comfort food that will be easy to digest.

Drink another cup of kefir, or ingest a probiotic in some way. Your gut bacteria has had a wild day as well, and may take a little bit to get back on track towards normal operations.

If you feel you may have gotten dehydrated during your trip, drink some extra water. You will most likely be up a few times in the night anyhow, so a couple extra trips to the bathroom won’t matter.

Have calming, spa music playing in the background, or perhaps sounds of nature, like bird calls, rain or ocean waves. The silence may feel especially uncomfortable right now.

If you’re having difficulty sleeping after several hours, consider taking a Benedryl/Diphenhydramine or two (no more than 50 mg total). We would not recommend taking Ambien unless you are very sure of the effects it will have on you, or perhaps have a sober trip-sitter around who can keep an eye on you.

The day after your trip, you may wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, even if you only got a few hours of sleep. This won’t last long, so don’t try to do a full day’s work, or go off on a long adventure the next day. You’ll most likely start feeling very sleepy by the afternoon or early evening, so give yourself the opportunity to take a nap if you need it. The next night you should have no issues getting to sleep, and allow yourself the extra time to get 10 or more hours of sleep to recover.

LSD can be physically draining, so it’s important to give your body that full extra day afterwards to get back to normal. We hope this guide has helped make your experience a little more comfortable and rewarding for you in your life. If you have any additional tips or comments, feel free to reply below!





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