Taking Care of Your Body: Part 2 – During Your Trip

After Part 1 is done, and you feel mentally and physically ready to begin your journey, here are the instructions to follow to continue taking care of your body once you have taken your dose.

We sometimes take a Simethicone capsule immediately after dosing to prevent gas over the next few hours. This may not be always necessary, but sometimes it’s better to take one in advance than risk becoming gassy and uncomfortable during your peak, and not having the sense to be able to take something for it.

For the first hour or so after dosing, you may find it pleasant to move around, go for a walk, maybe dance, do yoga, or something else active. You can also play music or watch TV, but too much screen time is not recommended prior to a trip. Make sure your phone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode and you don’t have potentially triggering notifications coming at you during your trip.

Depending upon your dosage, once the LSD begins to take hold, you may find it difficult or tiresome to move around. Higher doses will make it even harder to move from place to place without getting confused. For that reason, once you are firmly feeling the effects of LSD, it may be good to find yourself a comfortable “nest” to spend the peak of your trip in.

Many people find lying in bed to be the most comfortable, but you can also lounge on a recliner, swing in a hammock, or find a comfortable piece of outdoor furniture to watch the trees sway in the breeze. Wherever you are, make sure you feel comfortable, safe, and in a pleasant position you can maintain for a few hours. Soft throw blankets and pillows will be your friend.

It may be advisable to keep a thermometer nearby, especially if you are not in a temperature-controlled area. The temperatures you experience on LSD may be misleading, and you may actually be quite a bit hotter or colder than you feel. For this reason, if you are inexperienced, it’s recommended you stay indoors in a temperature-controlled area, and have the option to shed clothing or add blankets if you feel the need.

For the same reason, if you want to take a bath or shower, measure the temperature. It’s very hard to be objective about temperature in the middle of a trip.

Your body may experience some tension as you are tripping, and this is normal. Every few minutes, you may remind yourself to relax. Tensing up your muscles purposefully, then shaking them out, can help ease the tension.

Unlike many other drugs, there is little risk of dehydration on LSD if you are properly hydrated when you start, and are able to drink water normally again within 4-5 hours after you dose. However, increased activity, or high temperatures may require you drink slightly more water, so keep this in mind.

Other options besides water, are coconut water and juice. Coconut water is very light and easy to drink, and will replace electrolytes if you’re sweating excessively. Juice, especially some varieties of Naked Juice, can be especially delicious while tripping, however we find it’s difficult to drink more than a sip or two before feeling “full”. It’s not recommended to drink soda, coffee, or milk, as these may be difficult to digest, and will influence your trip.

Sometimes acid can make you use the bathroom more than usual. Perhaps you’re peeing a lot, or perhaps you’ve triggered some major digestive issues. It can be concerning at the time, if you’re tripping hard and have to navigate the complexities of using the bathroom and wiping, but rest assured, it is natural and you will get through it okay.

As you begin to come down from your trip, you may start feeling hungry. Fruit is often a good snack, provided it’s small enough that you won’t waste much if you decide you’re not that hungry. Small amounts of candy, such as a sucker, gum, or fruity Mentos can also be a fun experience. It’s difficult to eat much during your trip, and you may feel overly gassy and full, but don’t worry if you’ve gone 8 hours without eating. Have a few sips of juice, and relax knowing that your body will get back to normal eventually.

If you do need to take medicine during your trip, such as additional Simethicone for gas, Tums for an upset stomach, acetaminophen or ibuprofen for a headache or other body ache, these are usually safe, with no interactions. However we highly recommend having a sober trip-sitter than can help you administer medications, since your mind, under the influence, may not correctly dose the medications, or you might repeat dosages having forgotten earlier ones you’ve taken.

Some people feel comfortable doing strenuous activity such as biking, snowboarding, swimming or sports on LSD. We do not recommend this unless you are solidly in your trip, and know that you’ve not dosed too much. Think of LSD as primarily a way for your mind to explore, so you can let your body take a rest for a while and explore from the comfort of your own bed instead.

Once you feel your trip is over, check out our tips for recovering in a healthy way in Part 3.





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